Webelos Outreach Outing

Camp Pigott
November 18-19 2017

Boy Scout Troop 570 is hosting a one-night car camping trip at Camp Pigott – a Boy Scout Camp.

All Webelos are invited to come along and join us for one of our more exciting trips of the year. We have many activities planned for the weekend. We will be teaching and practicing scout skills that might include fire building, knife and axe safety, knot tying, cooking, pioneering and orienteering – plus maybe a few surprises. We will make time for some group games too.

On Saturday evening, Troop 570 will cook dinner for you. Afterwards, there is going to be an evening campfire program with skits, songs and stories. Webelos are encouraged to participate by adding their own skits, songs or run-ons.

We hope you will join us!


Meet at the Juanita High School parking lot at 10:00 AM on Saturday, November 18th. Plan on leaving the parking lot promptly by 10:30 AM when all have arrived.

The drive to Camp Pigott is approximately 45 minutes from Kirkland (map). If you need help with driving, let us know. We will assume your group is handling your own transportation unless you tell us otherwise.

Troop 570 will meet you in the parking lot at Camp Pigott to help you get your gear to our camping area.

We plan to return to Juanita High School at (or around) 1:00 pm on Sunday, Novermber 19th.


Bring your own "sack" lunch for Saturday, Sunday breakfast and any snacks that you might want.

Troop 570 will cook Saturday dinner! Adults are encouraged to visit with us as we prepare the evening meal. We charge $5 per person to cover the cost of the dinner.

Everyone should have extra food for themselves in case of emergency (extra food is one of the 10 essentials).


Bring your Webelos handbook as you will have the chance to work on some activity badge requirements.

Prepare as you would for outdoor overnight Fall outing. The standard BSA Webelos Scout Overnight Checklist in the Cub Scout Leaders Book (page 34-50) is a good one to use. You can also download the checklist from scouting.org.

Bring a tent. We will have some Adirondacks shelters for our visiting Webelos, but the total number of beds is limited. They will be given in a first come, first served basis. If we run out of space in these, you will need to have a tent.

Coordinate whatever group equipment you might need including but not limited to: Tents with poles, stakes, ground cloths and lines, dining fly (in case of liquid sunshine), cooking/cleaning kits, stoves. If you feel you are lacking any other gear, please contact us as our Troop probably has it and would be happy to let you borrow it for the weekend.

You are encouraged to put together a skit, song or run-on for the Saturday evening campfire program. Make sure you bring any props you might need for it.

We have reserved camp sites for our event. Please download the camp map from our web site so that youa re familiar with the camp site locations.

Please RSVP – If at all possible, please let the Adult Leader below know by Sunday evening, Novermber 12th of your intentions so we can better plan for the weekend. Let us know how many total people you will be bringing up, Webelos and adults. There is limited space and we need to make sure everyone is accommodated.

Event Leaders

Steve Gengo
Rick Quinn
Webelos Liason
Assistant Scoutmaster
425-899-7808 (home)
206-660-5338 (cell)
Ben Dearden
Senior Patrol Leader

Saturday Schedule

9:30 AMCheck-inMeet at Juanita High School parking lot
10:00 AMDepartDrive to Camp Pigott
11:00 AMMeetupTroop 570 meets Webelos in Camp Pigott parking lot
11:30 AMSetupSetup Camp w/ help from Troop 570
12:00 PMFlagsFlag ceremony / Opening Remarks
12:30 PMLunchLunch
12:45 PMTravelMove to stations
1:00 PMStationWebelos Station Rotation #1
1:30 PMStationWebelos Station Rotation #2
2:00 PMStationWebelos Station Rotation #3
2:30 PMStationWebelos Station Rotation #4
3:00 PMStationWebelos Station Rotation #5
3:30 PMStationWebelos Station Rotation #6
4:00 PMFree timeFree time, prepare/practice skits for campfire
5:00 PMDinnerClosing flag ceremony, dinner
6:00 PMFree timeFree time, prepare/practice skits for campfire
7:00 PMCampfireCampfire!!! Skits, songs, run-ons, jokes...
8:30 PMFree timeCleanup, transition, free time, card or board games
9:30 PM Free timeCracker Barrel, hot chocolate
10:00 PMBedGet ready for bed
10:30 PMLights outTime to hit the sack!!

Sunday Schedule

7:30 AMReveilleUp and at-em!!
8:00 AMBreakfastPrepare and eat breakfast, cleanup
9:00 AMScout's ownScout's Own Sunday service, lead by Chaplain's Aid
9:30 AMFUN!!Tomahawks, 1-Mile Compass Course
11:00 PMPackupBreak camp, load vehicles
12:00 PMDepart Final thoughts, Thorns and Roses, then head for home!

Printable Flyer